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A line that provides a different option that broadens and deepens the strategy for area trout fishing!

hydrophilic coating introduces a new way of fishing!

Nylon line with a hydrophilic coating (SP-S) for smooth sinking. By using this line with the new coating that allows the users to precisely place their lure to the target depth, along with the ultra-strong SVG nylon line, anglers can broaden their ways of approaching the fish.

●Manufactured with the VA-G process, a proud innovation from VARIVAS
Thin and strong! The VA-G manufacturing process is something VARIVAS has cultivated over the years and the lines acquire strength one rank higher compared with our other lines of the same size*. (Over-pound specs /actual Ave strength indicated)

●Hydrophilic coating SP-S treatment
Thanks to the SP-S treatment, which enhances hydrophilic properties, the line sinks smoothly into the water! The straightness of the line in the water is improved by this coating, and will likely increase the sensitivity when fishing.

●Exquisite suppleness
The lure swims well with this line’s suppleness which is not too hard but aims for the optimal hardness.


The hydrophilic coating improves the way the line sinks, making it easier to move and keep the lure at the targeted depth range!
Exceptional line trajectory when reeling in!

VARIVAS Field Staff / Sachio Matsumoto


ナイロン VA-G SP-S SP-T LBOVER 平行巻 中間マーク

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# AVE LB. LB. OVER DIA.(mm) 150m(Parallel Winding)
0.4 2.38 2 0.104 Open price
0.5 2.91 2.5 0.117 Open price
0.6 3.48 3 0.128 Open price
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