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New Releasing November 2023

[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area
VSP [Fluorocarbon]

VSP-manufactured high-class fluorocarbon line with strength a rank higher than its predecessor!

This fluorocarbon line is regarded as one of the best area trout fishing lines by the top tournament anglers. A must-have item if you want to conquer the day!

●Fluorocarbon lines manufactured by the VSP process (VARIVAS Super Premium) are used
The VSP manufacturing process, which ensures high quality, has increased the density of fluorocarbon molecules by 15% compared to our other products. As a result, both linear strength and nodular strength have been improved by one rank compared to that of the same size.

●SP-V coating improves castability and durability
The SP-V coating, which boasts high water repellency, improves castability! It also suppresses water absorption and deterioration of the line resulting in enhanced durability.


Fluorocarbon is a material with high specific gravity, so it is easy to place the lure near the bottom!
Anglers who want to pull lures straight will love this line! Also, even the thin sizes can be used without fear of line breakage thanks to the VSP process's high linear and nodal strength!

VARIVAS Field Staff
Kazunori Fukuda



フロロカーボン VSP SP-V 平行巻

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# LB. DIA.(mm) 100m(Parallel Winding)
0.3 1.5 0.090 Open price
0.4 2 0.104 Open price
0.5 2.5 0.117 Open price
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