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New Releasing November 2023

[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area
Super Ester [Natural]

Highly sensitive ester material enables the angler to take a proactive approach!

Ester is the standard material for lines for area trout fishing. Besides being indispensable for achieving in tournaments, it is also essential for leisure area trout fishing. Super Ester is designed to have moderate tension and high sensitivity so that anglers can directly feel the movement of lures and subtle reactions from trout. It is a line that allows anglers to express their own way of luring and actively provoking the fish to bite.

●Utilize micro spoons and crankbaits with precision
No. 0.25 and No. 0.3 are ideal for micro spoons and small crankbaits. Precision range control and natural lure movement are possible with this high-response line.

●Best for stocked fishing, full-size crankbait fishing, and bottom fishing methods.
No. 0.4 or No. 0.5 lines can be used with heavy spoons, strong full-size crankbaits, and bottom fishing plugs to approach trouts right after their release. The high sensitivity enables the angler to actively move around the lure and search for the trout.


Super Ester features overwhelming sensitivity brought about by its low elongation. You can directly feel the movement of lures and even the slightest reactions from the trout. When it comes to angler-initiated approaches, this line is a must. You can set up your rig to meet a wide variety of situations by using this line with the ES2 line, which provides an option of moderate elongation and suppleness.

VARIVAS Field Staff/Yudai Ito



ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻 中間マーク

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# AVE LB. DIA.(mm) 150m
0.25 1.3 0.083 Open price
0.3 1.4 0.090 Open price
0.4 2.1 0.104 Open price
0.5 2.3 0.117 Open price
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