Super Trout Area<br>PE X4 [neo Yellow・Tournament Pink]

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area
PE X4 [neo Yellow・Tournament Pink]

Outstanding visibility helps anglers recognize the slightest of bites! Ultra-thin 4-braid PE line presented by VARIVAS
Ultra-thin, high-performance 4-braid PE line for tournament fishing.

This line will meet the needs of the diversified area trout fishing at a high level.

●Line color selection
Available in two colors: neo Yellow, ideal for vertical approaches where visibility is crucial as anglers must be able to react to the slightest of bites, and the versatile Tournament Pink, which is great for stocked fishing, cranking, and surface and bottom fishing.

●Super Premium PE (SP-PE), a high-performance ultra-thin PE
Ultra-thin PE, designed with finesse and based on VARIVAS’s expertise cultivated in trout and light game fishing, provides the user an advantage in casting distance and sensitivity.

●Durable SP-V Coating
In addition to preventing water absorption and deterioration, VARIVAS's SP-V coating enhances durability and resistance to abrasion.

Find out which line is for you!

The No. 0.15 is best for delicate approaches,
while the No. 0.3 is designed for targeting larger trout.
The No. 0.175 and the No. 0.2 are very versatile, so if you’re not sure which one to use, either of them will do the job!
The Tournament Pink is ideal for retrieval, while the neo Yellow is perfect for vertical approaches, and for fishing at dawn, dusk, and nighttime.


Color:neo Yellow・Tournament Pink


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# MAX LB. AVE LB. 75m
0.15 4.5 4 Open price
0.175 5.5 5 Open price
0.2 6.5 6 Open price
0.3 7 6.7 Open price
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