Super Trout AreaES2 Ester Natural

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area ES2 Ester Natural

The “other” ester line that pursued suppleness

●Softer and more flexible compared to its counterpart “Area Master Limited Super Ester”
●The suppleness and high knot strength will help prevent line-related troubles.
●Comes in 80m which is the perfect length for shallow spool reels.

As I’ve been testing this ES2 Ester for 2 years and there was a clear decrease in the number of line-related troubles, I decided to use this at an official tournament held by the Samegai trout farm. It went extremely well, and I was able to create a new tournament record by catching 66 fish in 20min. (Roughly 1 in 18 seconds!)

●The sensitivity is good enough and suppleness is great, VARIVAS struck the best balance for this line. Thanks to this, anglers are able to respond and turn short bites into concrete hits.
●None of the testers at the tournament had any line-related troubles! In fact, this was a crucial factor that led Noboru Deguchi to create history!


ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻

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# AVE LB. DIA.(mm) 80m
0.25 1.42 0.083 ¥900
0.3 1.75 0.090 ¥900
0.4 2.3 0.104 ¥900
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