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New Releasing November 2023

[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area
Super Ester [neo Orange]

An ester line that provides high visibility and great sensitivity for its user

Ester is the standard material for lines for area trout fishing. Besides being indispensable for achieving in tournaments, it is also essential for leisure area trout fishing. For high sensitivity, Super Ester is designed with moderate tension so anglers can feel subtle bites and pulls of the trout as well as the movement of the lure. In addition to all the attributes above, the neo Orange color provides visibility.

●Suitable for both retrieve and vertical fishing methods
This high-response line allows precise range control and creates natural lure movement. Besides retrieving approaches, Super Ester neo Orange is also suitable for vertical and bottom fishing methods with falling motions of the lure.

●Highly visible neo Orange color
Even the slightest movement of the line is easy to catch with the vivid orange color. It is also effective in low-light situations when it is difficult to keep track of the line, such as in the morning and evening or nighttime.

Why this line is right for you
This neo Orange line is not just dedicated to high sensitivity provided by the low-stretch ester material, but also to visibility through its vivid color. In addition to the feel of reeling and the sense of bites that are felt from the rod, the visibility of the neo Orange color allows anglers to recognize even the smallest changes visually. It is especially effective when performing lift-and-fall lure motions and vertical fishing methods where sensitivity makes all the difference!


Color:Neo Orange

ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻

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# AVE LB. DIA.(mm) Length Price(JPY)
0.3 1.4 0.090 140m Open price
0.4 2.1 0.104 140m Open price
0.5 2.3 0.117 140m Open price
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