Super Trout Area SVG [Nylon]

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area SVG [Nylon]

Exceptional strength! Thin and strong!
A supreme nylon line dedicated to the area masters.

Made with the nylon material SVG (Super VA-G), which is used for tournament fishing lines.
This high-class nylon line has both the strength and durability area trout fishing requires.

●The Non-Stress Coating maintains the strength of the line.
Non-Stress Coating is UV-resistant and helps maintain the line’s strength.

●High water repellency SP-V coating improves castability and durability
The SP-V coating, which boasts high water repellency, improves castability! This will surely provide an advantage in casting distances. The coating also suppresses water absorption and deterioration of the line, resulting in enhanced durability.

●Super high strength is achieved by the new SVG manufacturing process
VARIVAS has improved its trademark VA-G manufacturing process that creates super-strong lines. The new SVG manufacturing process has further enhanced the line's strength so that it can withstand the tough fights of tournaments.


The water-repellent coating makes it easier to float and slack the line!
When the spoon is pulled by the trout, the line doesn't sink too much, making control of its trajectory easier. Moreover, it is very durable (manufactured by SVG process), so anglers can fight big trout without the fear of the line breaking!



ナイロン SVG SP-V SP-T NON 平行巻 中間マーク

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# LB. DIA.(mm) 150m(Parallel Winding)
0.35 2 0.098 Open price
0.4 2.5 0.104 Open price
0.5 3 0.117 Open price
0.6 3.5 0.128 Open price
0.7 4 0.138 Open price
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