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VARIVAS presents the NEW standard line
for trout lure fishing!

【High-quality nylon material】
With its suppleness, it is easy to spool onto reels.
The nylon material's moderate elongation absorbs shocks and prevents breakage.

【The 3 main characteristics】
★Exceptional-strength→Fight big fish without any worries!
★High-durability→Retains its original best condition!
★Flexible and easy to use→Free of line-related troubles!

【Other characteristics】
●Comes in 2 colors, the ”Natural” and “Orange”.
●Horizontally wound onto the spool to prevent flattening of the line


ナイロン 平行巻

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# LB. DIA.(mm) 100m(Parallel Winding)
0.6 2.5 0.128 Open price
0.8 3 0.148 Open price
1 4 0.165 Open price
1.2 5 0.185 Open price
1.5 6 0.205 Open price
2 8 0.235 Open price
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