Trout Shock Leader

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[VARIVAS]Trout Shock Leader

A fluorocarbon shock leader to provide an answer to the ever-evolving trout fishing game.

The "Over pond spec standard" provides strength one rank higher than other leaders with the same thickness to keep up with the fierce fights often seen in trout fishing. The flexibility of fluorocarbon will prevent fish from getting off the hook as well as provide high sensitivity, helping anglers reach new heights.

*Regarding the price change
This product's pricing will be adjusted in November 2022 due to rising raw material costs.
Thank you for your understanding.



# LB. OVER DIA.(mm) 30m
0.5 2 0.117 Open price
0.6 2.5 0.128 Open price
0.8 3 0.148 Open price
1 4 0.165 Open price
1.2 5 0.185 Open price
1.5 6 0.205 Open price
2 8 0.235 Open price
2.5 10 0.260 Open price
3 12 0.285 Open price

※Spool bands for each size included.

  • ※please note that the Product specifications, design, price, country of origin, or other information posted on the Site may be changed without prior notice.

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