Super Trout Area Shock LeaderVSP[Fluorocarbon]

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New Releasing November 2023

[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area Shock Leader VSP[Fluorocarbon]

Fluorocarbon leader for area trout fishing that boasts strength!

The VSP manufacturing process, which ensures high quality, has increased the density of fluorocarbon molecules by 15% compared to our other products. As a result, both linear strength and nodular strength have been improved by one rank compared to that of the same size. In addition, the SP-T, Super Tough Coating is applied to answer the needs of the tournament anglers. This is a top-notch fluorocarbon leader for those who crave victory!


The strong VSP fluorocarbon can withstand intense fishing during tournaments!
The additional No.0.4 size is a welcome addition to the lineup!
Perfect for delicate approaches using lightweight spoons!
VARIVAS Field Staff / Noboru Deguchi



フロロカーボン VSP SP-T

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# LB. DIA.(mm) 30m
0.4 2 0.104 Open price
0.5 2.5 0.117 Open price
0.6 3 0.128 Open price
0.8 4 0.148 Open price
1 5 0.165 Open price
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