Super Trout Area Master Limited Shock Leader [SVG Nylon]

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Area Master Limited Shock Leader [SVG Nylon]

- Are-Management Trout Model: SVG Nylon shock leader.
- SVG Manufacturing: Extra/Top Nylon line for breaking & knot strength.
- SP-F Coating: proprietary Fluoride coating increased cast-ability & durability.
- SP-T Coating: super tough coating increased water resistance and scratches.
- Moderate stretch and lighter Gravity of Nylon’s feature gives competitive edge sometimes in Are-Management trout tournament game.


ナイロン SVG SP-F SP-T

# LB. 30m
0.4 2.5 ¥1,000
0.5 3 ¥1,000
0.6 3.5 ¥1,000
0.7 4 ¥1,000
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