Super Trout Advance

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Advance "Bait Finesse" [Premium PE]

- Braided line designed specifically to pitch smaller lures at Trout-Management-Area.
- Sensitivity & Low Stretch: transmitting the exact feedback from lure better than Nylon.
- VARIVAS SP-F, Fluoride-based line coating, for reducing guide friction so achieving its casting distance in max.
- Highly visible flash yellow (+green) line coloring, with 5M each line marking improved the traceability and manageability.

Color:Flash Yellow (Marking Line)

PE プレミアムPE SP-F

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# LB. 120m
0.3 5.5 ¥5,800
0.4 7.4 ¥5,000
0.5 8 ¥4,300
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