SUPER TROUT Advance Doule Cross PE X8Light Green

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[VARIVAS]SUPER TROUT Advance Doule Cross PE X8 Light Green

1.4~1.6 times tougher than the predecessor!
An upgraded model of the “Double Cross PE”, our staple PE for river trout fishing!

The ”Casting distance” “Strength” “Sensitivity” of the PE lines + The “High Density” “Stiffness” of the Ester lines.
The Double Cross PE is created by combining and weaving these two materials.

[Feature 1] A trouble-free experience
With its ester material, Double Cross PE has a "stiffness" attribute that other PE lines do not have, which prevents tangles from forming around guides and veils. Works very well in river bait finesse fishing. Though trout fishing requires some line slack, the line prevents any potential trouble during casting, retrieving, and picking up.

[Feature 2] High density *relative density of 1.12
Strong against winds and sinks well.
It is easier to target the desired area since the lure does not float as much.

[A combination of visibility and camouflage]
Marking colors: Light Green+Green
(Repeating pattern of: 150cm of Light Green (Base color)+50cm width Green markings)

Color:Light Green
(Marking colors: Light Green+Green)

ダブルクロスPE SP-V

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# LB. 100m BRAID
0.6 9.6 ¥3,800 8
0.8 11.4 ¥3,200 8

*relative density of 1.12

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