Nogales Dead or AliveUltra Power Finesse PE X8

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Nogales Dead or Alive Ultra Power Finesse PE X8

- Varivas’ SP-F Coating: 4-strand braids with Fluoride-based resin processing for reduced guide friction, and significant improvement in casting distance.
- High sensitivity & Low Stretch: Varivas’ premium braids create finesse fishing with highly sensitive, lower memory and small diameter to test LB ratio.
- Improved manageability: where others are poor, our braids in tournament game will be extreme in rule manageability and casting accuracy.
- Two camouflaged green line-colors’ combination will blend into any environmental condition, and nature structure.

Color:DarkGreen + Motion Green (Marking Line)

PE SP-F 中間マーク

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# MAX LB. 150m BRAID
0.8 16 Open price 8
1 20 Open price 8
1.2 23 Open price 8
1.5 31 Open price 8
2 37 Open price 8
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