Nogales Dead or Alive

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Nogales Dead or Alive "Taflex" [Nylon]

- MA Manufacturing: initially arrived in D.O.R. series, provides lower stretch, with no loss of abrasion resistance and breaking strength.
- This model makes every angler heart’s desire come true to catch ‘one’ in extremely pressured environment.
- High softness is another character of MA procedure; very low spool memory is unlike other mono line.
- Lastly, father casting distance powered by Varivas’ Super Tough Coating (SP-T) technology will keep lines far away from being damages as well.

Color:Moss green

ナイロン MA SP-T 平行巻 中間マーク

LB. DIA.(mm) 150m(Parallel Winding)
4 0.165 Open price
5 0.185 Open price
6 0.205 Open price
8 0.235 Open price
10 0.260 Open price
12 0.285 Open price
14 0.310 Open price
16 0.330 Open price
20 0.370 Open price
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