Nogales Dead or Alive

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Nogales Dead or Alive "Strong" [Nylon]

- Varivas’ VA-G Process: high density molecular binding improves breaking strain / diameter ratio, resulting in 1-rank-higher comparing with other same diameter.
- Double SP-F Coating: Varivas’ original Fluoride-based resin processing increased durability and line protection for using at complicated nature-structure.
- High clarity of grey line color performs excellent in fishing for pressured targets.
- Parallel rolled line along with center marking (at 75M) allows separated use.

Color:Strong Gray

ナイロン VA-G SP-F LBOVER 平行巻 中間マーク

LB. OVER DIA.(mm) 150m(Parallel Winding)
6 0.205 Open price
8 0.235 Open price
10 0.26 Open price
12 0.285 Open price
14 0.31 Open price
16 0.33 Open price
18 0.37 Open price
20 0.405 Open price
25 0.435 Open price
30 0.47 Open price
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