Mesh Glove3 [VAG-24]

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[VARIVAS]Mesh Glove 3 [VAG-24]

Color:Black Camo、Blue Camo、Pink Camo

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Model Number Color Size Price(JPY)
VAG-24Black CamoM¥2,900
VAG-24Black CamoL¥2,900
VAG-24Black CamoLL¥2,900
VAG-24Black Camo3L¥2,900
VAG-24Blue CamoM¥2,900
VAG-24Blue CamoL¥2,900
VAG-24Blue CamoLL¥2,900
VAG-24Blue Camo3L¥2,900
VAG-24Pink CamoM¥2,900
VAG-24Pink CamoL¥2,900
VAG-24Pink CamoLL¥2,900
VAG-24Pink Camo3L¥2,900

Material: Polyester 100% , Synthetic leather (Polyurethane use)

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