I.G.F.A. Trolling Line

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[VARIVAS]I.G.F.A. Trolling Line

- Qualified all requirements of tournaments operating under IGFA rules.
- Record-keeping designed, strong, dependable for abrasion resistance and durability.
- MA process, giving lower line stretch, with no loss of breaking strength.

Color:Camo Green

ナイロン MA IGFA

# LB. DIA.(mm) 600m 1000m I.G.F.A
approx.10 30 0.52 ¥4,800 ¥7,200
approx.16 50 0.66 ¥6,500 ¥9,800
approx.24 80 0.81 ¥8,200 ¥12,500
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