Avani OCEAN WORKSSLJ Little Monster Hook

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[VARIVAS]Avani OCEAN WORKS SLJ Little Monster Hook

Tested and proven by professional anglers. A hook specifically designed for super light jigging!

Anglers of all ages and genders can enjoy Super Light Jigging (SLJ). In this type of fishing, the key to success is how close the hook is to the fish's mouth when it bites. Even a millimeter counts, the closer the better. This becomes more prominent when the bite occurs while the hook is still sinking and when the line is not taut.
The “SLJ Little Monster” was created and developed with feedback from VARIVAS’s elite field testers who lead the SLJ fishing scene. VARIVAS’s' original design, with the tip placed outwards from the eye and the long shank providing more space for the fish to hook on, will greatly increase the chances of successfully catching fish.
Additionally, the tin plating of the hook is rust-resistant and highly attractive, the hook is heavy wire and can handle large fish, and the assist cord is taut and is woven in a special way so that it won't tangle with the line and won't bend, and the solid 3.0mm ring makes it easier to hook into the bait.
Shortly stated, all components of this hook are precision-finished and refined to be the best fit for Super Light Jigging and will deliver anglers the most successful fishing results.

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