Avani EgingLS4 PE [Tip run]

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[VARIVAS]Avani Eging LS4 PE [Tip run]

- Stable Ultimate Strength: it is composed of 8 strands Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber. It is manufactured by Varivas’ breaking resistance.
- Highly Sensitivity and Low Stretch: original tight tension process increase braids with highly sensitivity, extremely low memory, and smaller diameter to test LB ratio.
- Super Wear-Resistant: with improved Fluoride-based coating process the braids is non water absorption and sinking faster.
- Original Color Marking: high-visible green color in basic with 5 different color at a specific internal, which helps to detect Squid’s bite by line action and exact the right depth in measure.

Color:Green (Marking Line)


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# MAX LB. 200m BRAID
0.4 8 Open price 4
0.5 9 Open price 4
0.6 10 Open price 4
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