Avani Casting Shock Leader Maguro

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[VARIVAS]Avani Casting Shock Leader Maguro

This Tuna casting PE line was developed in collaboration with Sato Ichiro, the leading authority on Tuna casting games.

The usability has been Improved by spooling the "Big Fish Harisu Soft Specification," which has proven effective in many cases.
Super Tough Coating Process (SP-T) is applicable to the latest friction knots, and minimizes line degradation due to water absorption.
Zero stretch stabilizes the strength of the line, and low memory prevents bird nesting issues and reduces stress when casitng

*Comes with a Spool band dedicated to each size!

Color:Clear Pink

ナイロン SP-T NON ソフト巻

# LB. DIA.(mm) 30m
30 105 0.91 ¥1,800
35 130 0.985 ¥1,900
40 140 1.04 ¥1,900
50 170 1.17 ¥2,200
60 200 1.28 ¥2,200
80 220 1.47 ¥2,500
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