Avani SLJMax Power PE X8

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[VARIVAS]Avani SLJ Max Power PE X8

Snapper, Grunt, Sardine, Grouper, and any strange fish. Bring it on! Super Light Jigging PE line gets the job done!

VARIVAS AVANI series Super Light Jigging SLJ is an excellent choice for hooking large prey with small jigs. The proven straight-line strength of AVANI SLJ thin line can handle the sudden fight of even big prey. 10-meter, 5-color coloring system with 1-meter yellow marking makes it possible to reliably gage your line length. This high tension, hard coated line provides excellent jig movement. An excellent line for targeting Snapper, Sardine, Grouper and just about anything. Spec: Max. 10.1 lb. (#0.4) - Max. 20.2 lb. (#1) / 150m / 200m / 8-braid Color: 10m (33ft) × 5 color multi-color marking line (blue, red, orange, green, pink)

PE マックスパワーPE SP-H

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# MAX LB. 150m 200m BRAID
0.4 10.1 Open price Open price 8
0.6 14.5 Open price Open price 8
0.8 16.7 Open price Open price 8
1 20.2 Open price Open price 8
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