Avani SLJMax Power PE X8

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[VARIVAS]Avani SLJ Max Power PE X8

Sea bream, grunt, bluefish, grouper, and even weird rare fish? Bring ’em on!
This PE line for super light jigging can catch anything!

In Japan, the Super Light Jigging technique has become firmly established and is highly effective against larger targets using lighter jigs. Thin and light, yet strong enough to withstand fights with unexpected big fish.
With the 10m x 5 color system and yellow 1m stripe markings, the angler can aim for his intended range with high precision.
Hard coatings on the lines provide moderate tension and larger jig movements.
*Our "Extra Coating Spray *for PE*" will extend the life of the line and greatly improve its performance.

Color:10m x 5colors(Marking Line)

PE マックスパワーPE SP-H

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# MAX LB. 150m 200m BRAID
0.4 10.1 Open price Open price 8
0.6 14.5 Open price Open price 8
0.8 16.7 Open price Open price 8
1 20.2 Open price Open price 8
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