Avani OCEAN WORKSSLJ Little Monster Hook

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[VARIVAS]Avani OCEAN WORKS SLJ Little Monster Hook

Specially designed hook for super light jigging.

"SLJ (Super Light Jigging) provides enjoyment for all ages. The key to great results when super light jigging is a good hookset in the fish’s lip, even when the line is loose, how the sharp end of the hook can pierce, just a 1mm (0.04”) of it. An exclusive VARIVAS design. Tested by pioneers and elite anglers in the genre of SLJ. The design greatly increases hookset, with its sharp and firm needle point jut out the eye and a long piercing shank. The combination of rust-resistant metal plate, attractive heavy wire hook for handling the unexpected big catch, and assist cord prevents the line from tangling by providing tension with special knitting and minimal hook trouble. A special assist hook combined with optimal SLJ specifications provides anglers with great results. Size: Type 13mm (0.51”) / 17mm (0.04”) / Hook size: 1/0/2/0 Quantity: 2 or 8 "

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