Light Game Shock Leader [Fluoro Carbon]

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[VARIVAS]Light Game Shock Leader [Fluoro Carbon]

"Over LB testing method" takes finesse fishing games to a whole new level!

Light game fishing is evolving every day. An angler can choose between PE, fluorocarbon, nylon, and ester lines, depending on the type of fish they are after, the method of approach, and whether they are seeking penetration or sensitivity. This new leader is specially designed for such diverse light games.

●The fluorocarbon materials and Over LB testing method provide the ultimate support for anglers in this ever-changing light game fishing scene.
●Comes with a spool band with a size indicator to check the width of the leader while fishing.
※The ”Over LB. test” is a pound test that tests not at what point the line will break, but how much weight the line can withstand. So in reality, the line is stronger than the indicated value and has a margin before it breaks.



# LB. OVER DIA.(mm) 30m
0.8 3 0.148 ¥900
1 4 0.165 ¥900
1.2 5 0.185 ¥900
1.5 6 0.205 ¥900
1.7 7 0.218 ¥900
2 8 0.235 ¥900
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