Avani IKAMETALMax Power PE X9 [Dark Green]

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New Releasing June 2024

[VARIVAS]Avani IKAMETAL Max Power PE X9 [Dark Green]

Stunning sensitivity transforms your catch!

◾️CORE-INPUT method X9 structure
The CORE-INPUT method achieves optimal stiffness and superior durability. The appropriate level of stiffness significantly reduces line troubles.

◾️Vertical Braid method
The Vertical Braid method achieves excellent linearity and an ultra-low stretch rate of around 3%. This ultra-low stretch can precisely convey even the tiniest bites from small squid. Additionally, the improved linearity makes it less affected by currents compared to the standard PE lines, allowing for accurate depth awareness.

◾️SP-TII coating
The SP-TⅡ coating significantly increases durability and low water absorption by covering the line's surface with a resin layer. This allows the line to maintain high performance even with lift-and-fall movements, where the line is subject to abrasion.

◾️Line color resistant to fish bites
It uses a solid dark green color, which helps reduce attacks from sharp-toothed fish aiming for the color boundaries on the line.

※Usage Precautions: Due to the characteristics of low-stretch PE, please pay careful attention to the drag settings and tackle balance.

Color:Dark Green


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# MAX LB. 200m
0.6 14 Open price
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