Avani Sea Bass<br>[Max Power PE] X9

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New Releasing August 2024

[VARIVAS]Avani Sea Bass
[Max Power PE] X9

Ultra high strength × Ultra high sensitivity + Visibility
High-spec PE line specifically designed to conquer sea bass fishing in flowing waters!

●x9 Structure delivers high durability and superior handling performance
It combines high strength and excellent maneuverability capable of battling large sea bass and keeping them on the line through strong currents while maintaining precise lure control.

●Vertical Braid method
With its high-sensitivity design, it clearly conveys subtle bites and underwater information. Additionally, it significantly reduces line sag, enabling line mending with minimal movement.

●SP-T II Coating
The water-repellent properties have also been improved, enhancing casting performance and ensuring smooth line handling.

●Unique markings enhance visibility
The distinct color contrasts allow anglers to detect the line's trajectory and subtle changes even in strong currents.

Color:White Purple


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# MAX LB. 150m BRAID
0.8 18 Open price 9
1 23 Open price 9
1.2 25 Open price 9
1.5 33 Open price 9
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