Avani Casting PEMax Power X8 Shore Master

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[VARIVAS]Avani Casting PE Max Power X8 Shore Master

With its unparalleled strength and durability, the MaxPower PE, the pinnacle of the 8 braided PE lines, will provide powerful support to any angler casting from the shore.

●The white lines are highly visible and easy to trace.
●As a result of its amazing linear strength, the line provides an angler with a significant advantage over his competitors.
●Extremely durable, and capable of withstanding multiple casts as well as tough battles with lunkers.
●VARIVAS' original special line coating enables super long-distance casting. It will make a huge difference in situations where the fish is just out of reach.

※Our "Extra Coating Spray *for PE*" will extend the life of the line and greatly improve its performance.
※Comes with a handy sticker for identifying the sizes. Great for sticking on reels.


PE マックスパワーPE SP-V

# MAX LB. 200m BRAID
0.6 14.5 Open price 8
0.8 16.7 Open price 8
1 20.2 Open price 8
1.2 24.1 Open price 8
1.5 28.6 Open price 8
2 33 Open price 8
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