Casting PE SMP Hiramasa/Kingfish Tune x8

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[VARIVAS]Casting PE SMP Hiramasa/Kingfish Tune x8

Created by the anglers, for the anglers!

A custom-tuned SMP line created with feedback from the field.
The Hiramasa Tune was created by applying cutting-edge coating technology to our proven and trusted SMP!

【VARIVAS original STC-W coating】
Smooth-Tech Coating has been improved and modified to be applied on PE lines. Combined with our resin coating, color loss has been reduced, and the line is protected from air knots and tangles caused by the rod guide.

【Our coating is now much more durable】
Long-lasting protection from saltwater damage and stickiness. Also, reduces color loss and prevents the line from fluffing.

【Improved the “feel” of casting】
The release will be much smoother and casting distance will increase as the friction between rod and line are reduced.

【Greatly reduces line-related problems】
Prevents wind knots and tangles with rod guide.



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# MAX LB. 300m 400m BRAID
5 80 ¥13,600 - 8
6 90 ¥15,200 - 8
8 120 ¥16,000 - 8
10 150 ¥16,000 - 8
12 160 ¥16,000 ¥21,000 8
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