VEP Shock Leader [Nylon]

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[VARIVAS]VEP Shock Leader [Nylon]

Saltwater VEP is a line designed for saltwater games and is extremely resistant to friction from roots and structures.

Boasts approx.20 times more wear resistance compared to our nylon line products.
Powerful and durable enough to endure friction from bridge piers, tetrapods, sharp teeth, and contacts with the fish. In addition to the durability, the SP-F coating gives the line casting performances on par with the best.

●With the 20x higher wear resistance, roots and structures are a threat no more.
●Super fluorine coating (SP-F) smoothens the line. Casting distances will increase as a result and will drastically reduce line troubles as well.
●Parallel winding will prevent the line from deforming, assuring the same high quality throughout.
●Records made with this line are internationally recognized as the line conforms with the I.G.F.A. regulations.

*Comes with a Spool band dedicated to each size!


ナイロン VEP UV NON 平行巻

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# LB. DIA.(mm) 50m(Parallel Winding)
3 12 0.285 ¥1,400
3.5 14 0.31 ¥1,400
4 16 0.33 ¥1,400
4.5 18 0.35 ¥1,400
5 20 0.37 ¥1,400
6 22 0.405 ¥1,500
7 25 0.435 ¥1,500
8 30 0.47 ¥1,500
10 35 0.52 ¥1,500
12 40 0.57 ¥1,600
14 50 0.62 ¥1,600
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