Super Trout Advance [Twich Master VLS] Nylon

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[VARIVAS]Super Trout Advance [Twich Master VLS] Nylon

The new material, super low elongation nylon, VLS will allow anglers to move and twitch their lures to their will.
Anglers can move their minnows easily even in strong currents, creating irregular motions to lure in the fishes to bite.
There is no other line that can replicate this nylon line's strength, durability, low elongation, and the spectacle motions of the minnows created by twitching.
This is our most special minnowing line to date.

Color:Status Gold

ナイロン VLS SP-V 平行巻

LB. DIA.(mm) 100m(110yds.)(Parallel Winding)
3 0.128 ¥1,200
4 0.148 ¥1,200
5 0.165 ¥1,200
6 0.185 ¥1,200
8 0.215 ¥1,200
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