Seabass Shock Leader [Nylon]

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[VARIVAS]Seabass Shock Leader [Nylon]

The VEP manufacturing method creates a nylon product that has 20 times more abrasion resistance compared to normal nylons. We have successfully made a flexible VEP nylon that allows the lure to move much more naturally. In addition, the moderate stretchiness prevents breaking when the fish hits, and protects the hooks from becoming deformed.

[Thin horizontal spool]
Even the greatest lines created with cutting-edge technology were wasted by spools that created unintended twists and flattened the lines. The horizontal spools were invented to solve that problem. However, thin horizontal spools were thought to be impossible, due to technical limitations. But we, VARIVAS, are dedicated to providing our users with the best lines in the very best condition. Our company has designed and developed a spool that is the perfect size for sea bass fishing lines and has a horizontal roll to maintain the best condition of the lines. Take the opportunity to see for yourself how much potential this new line and technology has.


ナイロン VEP-F UV NON 平行巻

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LB. Strength(kg) DIA.(mm) 30m(Parallel Winding)
10 5 0.26 ¥1,100
12 6 0.285 ¥1,100
16 8 0.33 ¥1,100
20 10 0.37 ¥1,100
22 11 0.405 ¥1,200
25 12.5 0.435 ¥1,200
30 15 0.47 ¥1,200
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