Ring Offset Monster hook (Ultra Heavy Wire)

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[VARIVAS]Ring Offset Monster hook (Ultra Heavy Wire)

Our newest model of the Offset hook with a durable ring and swivel

This hook can rip out any large bass from its cover since it is made of super heavy wire. The ring mechanism lets the hook move freely, allowing the angler to create natural movement even with non-sinking worms. Additionally, the swivel keeps lines from getting tangled. The ring and the swivel both provide some weight and will help the hook sink without dedicated sinkers. By having the ring mechanism, worms will be able to move freely even while performing Texas rigs, creating motions that could not be done with normal hooks. The "leaderless down shot" can be performed using the "Quick Change Sinker" (*not included). This will allow you to penetrate more cover and further prevent the entanglement of lines.

Color:NS Black

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NS Black#2/01.364¥550
NS Black#3/01.464¥550
NS Black#4/01.54¥550
NS Black#5/01.674¥550

From now on, bass-related products (formerly released under the Nogales brand) will be released under the VARIVAS brand.

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