Offset Master Power Bait Finesse  (Medium Heavy Wire)

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[VARIVAS]Offset Master Power Bait Finesse (Medium Heavy Wire)

A dedicated hook created for the bait finesse angler utilizing heavy lines!

Perfect for bait finesse worms and bait finesse fishing with light bait.
Medium heavy, high power carbon wire, plus extra sharp hooks, provide performance and strength to pull big fish out from heavy cover.
This offset hook is ideal for bait finesse to medium heavy tackle using 5 lb. - 14 lb. test line.

Color:NS Black

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NS Black#30.98¥350
NS Black#20.98¥350
NS Black#10.98¥350
NS Black#1/018¥350
NS Black#2/01.17¥350
NS Black#3/01.27¥350

The Hooking Master series has been rebranded as the Offset Master series. From now on, bass-related products (formerly released under the Nogales brand) will be released under the VARIVAS brand.

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