Nogales Hookset SinkerOMOSHI !

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[Nogales]Nogales Hookset Sinker OMOSHI !

Custom weighted for your thick shaft hook!!

"An excellent sinker with adjustable position that can be attached and detached, and controllable swimming and sinking worm. Produced by Soichiro Nagano, a renown pro-fishing guide to Lake Biwa. Effective for lowering the trace range of worms and stabilizing swimming posture in areas with currents! It is a dream item that you can "STAST*" with your favorite thick shaft hook. * “STAST” is a fishing method that combines HIDEUP's worm "Stagger Original" with a weighted hook to make a mid-stroll. Size 1.8g (approx. 1/16 oz), 2.7g (approx. 3/32 oz), 3.5g (approx. 1/8 oz) Quantity: 3 * Material: Sinker: Lead / Band: Silicon "

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1.8(approx.1/16oz.)3Sinker:Lead / Band:Silicon¥600
2.7(approx.3/32oz.)3Sinker:Lead / Band:Silicon¥600
3.5(approx.1/8oz.)3Sinker:Lead / Band:Silicon¥600

※3 spare silicon parts included

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