Glass Trail

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追加規格 [Make to order.] Additional Model Release Apr. 26, 2019

[[Morris Graphite Works]]Glass Trail

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Model NumberLength(ft.)Length(m)Closed Length(cm)Recommended line size(#)Weight(g)Section(本)Price(JPY)
GT 703-67'0''2.13383666¥40,300
GT 704-67'0''2.13384666¥40,300
GT 763-67'6''2.2941.53736¥40,500
GT 764-67'6''2.2941.54736¥40,500
GT 803-68'0''2.44443806¥40,700
GT 804-68'0''2.44444806¥40,700
NEW GT 703-47'0''2.13573574¥35,500
NEW GT 704-47'0''2.13574594¥35,500
NEW GT 763-47'6''2.29613644¥36,000
NEW GT 764-47'6''2.29614654¥36,000
NEW GT 803-48'0''2.44653684¥36,500
NEW GT 804-48'0''2.44654724¥36,500
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