Avani Jigging Super Conductor PE

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[VARIVAS]Avani Jigging Super Conductor PE "LS4

- Varivas’ original braiding process reducing stretch to less than 4%.
- Increased sensitivity for Deep-Sea fishing, resulting in perfect stability and break-strength consistency.
- Five colors, with color changes every 10 meters for accurate depth control.

Color:10m x 5 colors (Marking Line)


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# MAX LB. AVE LB. 300m 600m
0.6 12 11 - Open price
0.8 14 13 - Open price
1 18 16 Open price Open price
1.2 20 19 Open price Open price
1.5 24 23 Open price Open price
2 30 27 Open price Open price
2.5 37 34 Open price Open price

*Order production: 1200m #1?#2 (Open Price)

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