Avani IKAMETALShock Leader[Ester]

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New Releasing June 2024

[VARIVAS]Avani IKAMETAL Shock Leader[Ester]

●The characteristic toughness of the esters
significantly reduces entanglement issues.

●By using raw ester lines with stunningly high sensitivity,
even small bites will be clearly conveyed.

●By using a natural clear color, it becomes difficult
for squids' excellent vision to detect.

●It significantly improves knot strength, achieving a knot
strength of up to approximately 90%.

●It comes with a convenient spool band for each size.


ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻

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# AVE LB. DIA.(mm) 30m
2 10 0.235 Open price
2.5 12 0.260 Open price
3 14 0.285 Open price
4 18 0.330 Open price
5 22 0.370 Open price
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