Avani EgingShock Leader [Ti Fluoro Carbon]

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[VARIVAS]Avani Eging Shock Leader [Ti Fluoro Carbon]

- Varivas’ original double coat: Fluoride (SP-T) and Titanium (Tic), successfully improved line surface in extremely smooth with dramatic knit resistance. It helps anglers to Egi (Squid) in all surroundings and natural structures (e.g. sea weeds and rocks).
- It comes with a portable spool which is specially designed model along with original spool bands in each size. Parallel rolling avoids crushed yarns at most.


フロロカーボン SP-T Tic 平行巻

# LB. DIA.(mm) 30m
1.5 6 0.205 ¥1,200
1.7 7 0.220 ¥1,200
2 8 0.235 ¥1,200
2.5 10 0.260 ¥1,200
3 12 0.285 ¥1,200
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