Avani EgingShock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

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[VARIVAS]Avani Eging Shock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

Our standard model of the eging leader with the industry-leading “over LB” benchmark

Super sensitive and abrasion-resistant. Anglers won’t miss any small bites and
won’t have to worry about damage caused by roots and structures. The
moderate density helps the “egi” , the Japanese name for squid lures, to sink
better, which is great since squids and fish are more likely to bite when the lures
are sinking. The knot connecting the PE line is sturdy and tight, which is perfect,
not only for beginners, but for experts as well.



# LB. OVER Strength(lb.) DIA.(mm) 30m
1.5 6 実測値 6.5 0.205 ¥900
1.7 7 実測値 7.5 0.218 ¥900
2 8 実測値 8.5 0.235 ¥900
2.5 10 実測値 11 0.26 ¥900
3 12 実測値 13 0.285 ¥900


*Spool bands for each size included.

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