Avani EgingPremium Shock Leader [VSP Fluorocarbon]

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[VARIVAS]Avani Eging Premium Shock Leader [VSP Fluorocarbon]

A premium eging leader with the strength to meet the needs of expert anglers

AVANI eging premium leader was developed in pursuit of ultimate linear and knot strength. Without a doubt, the overwhelming strength gained by using the VSP method will prove beneficial when tackling even the most gargantuan squids.
In addition to the immense strength and low stretching, the hard fluorocarbon material and the special coating give this leader incredibly high sensitivity as well as high abrasion resistance. The leader is extremely resistant to friction caused by roots and structures, and it is sensitive enough that anglers will be able to grasp the movements of the squid.


フロロカーボン VSP SP-T NON

# LB. DIA.(mm) 30m
1.2 6 0.185 ¥1,500
1.5 7 0.205 ¥1,500
1.7 8 0.218 ¥1,500
2 10 0.235 ¥1,500
2.5 12 0.26 ¥1,500


*Spool bands for each size included.

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