Avani EgingPremium PE X4 [milky]

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[VARIVAS]Avani Eging Premium PE X4 [milky]

- Compact Weaving: the premium braided line features compact and round weaving with Varivas’ breaking resistance method provide most stable strength.
- Special Coating ‘SP-F’: Fluoride-based allowed braids pass through rod guides more smoothly to increase its casting distance.
- ‘Falling-Bite’ Marking: patterned three line color combination helps angler to detect Squid’s bite by line action. It is a capable marking for all fine fishing.

Color:Pink (Marking Line)


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# MAX LB. 150m BRAID
0.6 10 Open price 4
0.8 15 Open price 4
1 18 Open price 4
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