Ajing Master Shock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

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[VARIVAS]Ajing Master Shock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

A shock leader tailored for Ajing with ester lines

This Ajing Master Shockleader was designed specifically for ester lines, so it can absorb any expected pulls or forces without reducing its high sensitivity. Our special blending of materials has allowed the thinner lines to overcome their weaknesses, such as knot strength and anti-abrasion properties. This leader is best tied to the line using the Surgeon's knot, as it has the highest sensitivity.


フロロカーボン SP-T NON

# LB. 30m
0.3 1.5 ¥900
0.5 2 ¥900
0.6 2.5 ¥900
0.8 3 ¥900


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