Ajing Master [Ester]

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[VARIVAS]Ajing Master [Ester]

Outstanding line control and ultra-high sensitivity

This product’s specific gravity is 1.35, right between that of nylon and fluorocarbon lines, preventing it from slacking in windy conditions while remaining easy to control. Due to its moderate specific gravity and high sensibility, this line will allow the angler to notice the bite even if it occurs right after casting. These features are perfect for light rigs such as micro jig heads as those fishing methods require precise movements.


ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻

# LB. Strength(g) DIA.(mm) 200m
0.2 1.05 Ave. 480 0.074 ¥1,600
0.3 1.4 Ave. 650 0.09 ¥1,600
0.4 2.1 Ave. 990 0.104 ¥1,600



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