Ajing Master[Ester] ''Red Eye''

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[VARIVAS]Ajing Master [Ester] ''Red Eye''

With the "Red Eye" the wind of revolution blows!
A next-gen ester line that combines sensitivity, strength, and utility!

●Pursued the flexibility factor to reduce curling and backlashes. Great for fishing only with jig heads or with light metal jigs.
●Knot strength can reach up to 90%*. This will reduce unexpected troubles and will increase the chance to retrieve the line when it gets stuck between roots.
*Knot strength may differ depending on the type of knot
●A brand new color- the “Red Eye”. The color stands out under white lights. Useful when kneading the line through the rod guide or changing rigs.
●The line is 150 meters, the same length as the reel capacity.

※Please make sure to set your drag as this line has very low elongation.
※We highly recommend using one of our VARIVAS shock leaders with this line.

Color:Red Eye

ポリエステル SP-V ソフト巻

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# LB. Strength(g) DIA.(mm) 150m
0.2 1.15 Ave.523 0.074 ¥1,600
0.25 1.42 Ave.644 0.083 ¥1,600
0.3 1.75 Ave.796 0.090 ¥1,600
0.4 2.3 Ave.1046 0.104 ¥1,600
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