Ajing Master[Ester] ''Red Eye''

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[VARIVAS]Ajing Master [Ester] ''Red Eye''


- Supple Ester: flexibility offers less memory & optimal sensitivity
- Knot Strength: perfectly achieved abt. 90% of breaking strength
- Spec. Gravity of 1.35 to reduce wind effect with nearly non-stress
- Distinctive Color: super highly visible ruby color, named ‘Red Eye’

Color:Red Eye

ポリエステル SP-F ソフト巻

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# LB. Strength(g) DIA.(mm) 150m
0.2 1.15 Ave.523 0.074 ¥1,600
0.25 1.42 Ave.644 0.083 ¥1,600
0.3 1.75 Ave.796 0.090 ¥1,600
0.4 2.3 Ave.1046 0.104 ¥1,600
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