Tapered LeaderSTANDARD ST [Polyester]

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New Release Mar. 7, 2024

[VARIVAS]Tapered Leader STANDARD ST [Polyester]

A polyester tapered leader crafted to explore new fly fishing possibilities

A groundbreaking polyester tapered leader challenging
traditional perceptions. With material characteristicssuch as
"low stretch + intermediate density between nylon and
fluorocarbon," it directly relays the motion in the water to
anglers, showcasing its effectiveness when fishing in
expansive shallow flats and just below the water's surface.

Noteworthy is the series' most powerful butt section and
robust turning performance, enabling it to flawlessly
maneuver large or heavy-weight flies and deliver them
precisely to the target point. VARIVAS presents this
product as a proposal for encounters that surpass cherished


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Standard DIA.(mm) Length Price(JPY)
-4X(20lb) Tippet 0.376 / Butt 0.600 13ft. ¥700
-2X(16lb) Tippet 0.332 / Butt 0.600 13ft. ¥700
0X(12lb) Tippet 0.284 / Butt 0.600 13ft. ¥700
2X(8lb) Tippet 0.232 / Butt 0.600 13ft. ¥700
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