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"Easy to see, easy to handle with no stretching!! Ideal for shallow bottom fishing!! "

"[Low stretch] Less elongation than nylon / fluorocarbon lines. Highly sensitive. Easily feel the nibble and bite of the fish. [Linearity] Easy to handle and doesn’t tangle, due to Ester’s moderate tension. [Abrasion resistance] There is little fluff due to the movement of registration marks and retaining rubber. Doesn’t absorb water, thus deteriorates slowly. [Specific gravity] 1.35 (heavier than nylon and lighter than fluorocarbon) [Visibility] Unique orange color that looks good [Knot strength] Slight less strong than nylon or fluorocarbon, due to Ester’s low elongation. Spec: #0.6, #0.8, #1, #1.2, #1.5 / 50m Color: Orange "


ポリエステル SP-F ソフト巻

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# DIA.(mm) 50m
0.6 0.128 ¥1,500
0.8 0.148 ¥1,500
1 0.165 ¥1,500
1.2 0.185 ¥1,500
1.5 0.205 ¥1,500


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